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Tuberville @ Media Days on QB Situation

I quote Tuberville, verbatim:

This year, we’ll play two quarterbacks. But we will have one starting quarterback, a guy that everybody knows is our starter. It could change during the year, it might not. Obviously, it’s going to be a scenario, too, like we played in the bowl game, where Brandon Cox played and Kodi came in at certain times.I don’t know who’s going to be the quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Chris Todd was our starting quarterback. Kodi would be, as of today. Chris has worked very hard, as Kodi has. His shoulder’s much better. We’re going to need both of them. I want everybody to know that we will have a starter on the depth chart.

We’ll use two, maybe three. We’re probably going to have to use three, and we’ll have to see how that’s going to work out. Neil Caudle‘s worked hard. I think Neil’s throwing the ball well. It could be a scenario like Brandon, him going in and throwing the ball in certain situations.

The quarterback situation is in good hands. I like what they’ve done this summer. Every time I’ve looked out the window, they’re out there throwing. The receivers have really raved about all the quarterbacks and how they’re throwing the football.

  To summarize:
1 ) Auburn will play two quarterbacks.
2 ) There will be one starting quarterback.
3 ) The starter might change.
4 ) The starter might not change.
5 ) Burns is the starting quarterback as of today.
6 ) Tuberville wouldn’t be surprised if Todd won the starting job.
7 ) Auburn might play three quarterbacks.
8 ) Caudle has a chance to play.

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