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Daily Archive for July 28th, 2008

ULM Game Preview

Auburn scheduled ULM to be a certain victory. So did Alabama. That’s why any SEC team schedules such games. On the Warhawks’ last two trips to Jordan-Hare Stadium, they’ve been outscored 104-7. The Warhawks won’t be intimidated by first-year offensive coordinator Tony Franklin’s fast-paced spread. They run a similar offense themselves, and they gave Franklin’s offense some trouble in his two seasons at Troy, falling 24-7 last season.“It won’t bother them,” Franklin said. “They’ve seen it before, and they practice against something like it every day. We should win the game, but if people are expecting a walkover kind of game, they might be disappointed.”

ULM game preview @ Auburn Undercover

Why Do SEC Fans Talk So Much About Their Conference?

At any rate, we see ourselves as Southerners of which college football is only one of the many things we like in common. We all love barbecue. We all like beer. We love the hot women at the tailgate festivities.  Many of us grew up listening to the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special, and other “Southern Rock” bands.  Many of us (though certainly not all) like to fish and/or hunt. You could think of most of us as a big family.

Therefore, if you considered the SEC to be one big group of 12 brothers, you would start to understand. Think of your own siblings. You may say nasty things about your brother and have fistfights in the back yard.

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