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Well, I Guess Auburn Is Overrated

Pete Fiutak + Big 10 = no talent ass clowns.


Virginia Tech (No. 15, should be around the 20s), Auburn (No. 11, should be around the 20s), Arizona State (No. 16, should be around 25), Florida State (No. 29, should be around 40), and Virginia (No. 38, should be around 50).

Auburn (11) and Penn State (22) are sort of in the same boat with roughly the same running quarterback (Kodi Burns for Auburn and Daryll Clark for Penn State) in position battles, but Clark is the better passer. Penn State is even with the Tigers on defense and better on offense. Going into the season, this is the SEC’s biggest respect ranking. The two teams should probably be flip-flopped.

Get real.

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