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NCAA To Give Decision Soon On Reggie Bush

A San Diego Paper Reports…

 The NCAA may be close to ruling that former USC running back Reggie Bush is retroactively ineligible, which could cause Bush to lose his 2005 Heisman Trophy and the Trojans to forfeit games in 2004 and 2005.

An attorney for Lloyd Lake said NCAA officials have indicated that “they don’t need anything else” to finish their investigation into Bush’s college eligibility except for one thing – the Aug. 29 deposition date for Michael Michaels, Lake’s investing partner in a start-up marketing agency.

Lake’s attorneys estimate Bush has spent more than $1 million in legal fees to defend himself in a case that seeks about $300,000. Bush has denied wrongdoing. “Plaintiff still has to prove his case,” Cornwell said.

I guess the 2004 Auburn Tigers really are the National Champions…

5 Responses to “NCAA To Give Decision Soon On Reggie Bush”

  • But if USC is retroactively suspended in 2004, who would be the National Champion? Well, I guess it would be the team who finished number 2 in 2004, but who finished no. 2 in 2004. Oh, wait a minute, its coming to me ….. WDE.

  • i agree 100%…but at the same time…we’re not bama…I would never claim a national championship that we backed into like they do with all the got 12 BS. WDE

  • I would claim it. I would claim it all in their stupid faces. If it happens, stay posted for my “got 2″ t-shirts.

  • BTW random question… how did you find auburntron?

    do you know any of the posters on this site?

    thanks! WDE

  • saw a link from I dont know anybody here or there, but I like to rant about Auburn.

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