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Daily Archive for August 7th, 2008

Twisted SEC TOP 10

#5 – Unusual pregame ceremony.

No fan base wants something to celebrate more than those at Alabama. After a tough start with a one sided loss to Clemson in Atlanta the people in power at UA want something to celebrate. Prior to the kickoff of the Tulane game, Alabama rolls out a huge pregame ceremony that includes some of the all time Tide greats like Namath, Newsome and Alexander. What’s the occasion you ask……..the recognition of the nations #1 recruiting class. Members of the 2008 recruiting class are marched out one by one getting raucous applause from 90,000 fans. Fireworks, jet flyovers and the voice of the Bear himself acknowledge yet another National Title for the Tide. Alabama also presents itself with the 2003 and 2007 BCS titles with their own replica trophies at this ceremony, citing Nick Saban’s coaching in 2003 and his players in 2007 at LSU.

# 2 – Tommy Tuberville and Hugh Nall know how to execute the things they teach.
Following a solid victory over former assistant Bobby Petrino and Arkansas, Tuberville heads out to midfield for a circus of a handshake with the guy that almost took his job in 2003. Cameras, of which there are a couple of thousand it seems for this grudge match, catch offensive line coach Hugh Nall circling around behind Petrino. With the quickness of an Olympic 100m champ, Nall hits Petrino low and Tommy turns the handshake into a textbook high hit to complete the chop block. Nall and Tuberville laugh and when asked about it before getting off the field, Tubs says “Well, I wanted to make sure he knew what it felt like to have someone chop your legs out from under you”.

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