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After Watching This Video…

Gilman and myself have decided that we are going to buy a short bus. No, not the totally awesome local band that plays at your favorite bar in Auburn; but, a real bus. Gilman has been preaching the good word of the tailgate bus for over a year and a half now. With the years passing on and the security of our tailgate spot dwindling, this bus will be our savior. First thing to go – yellow paint. Slap some Orange and Blue on there with a giant AU/tiger eyes, drop a keg-r-aider in the back row, the most annoying war eagle horn you can imagine, a disco ball and we’re in business! Im all ears to any other suggestions to what we could do… We just need what…5K? Leave your email address to donate…

Think of the possibilities:

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  • 1) This is a little up setting to find we are now going to do this. We just sold our 29′ Winnebago just a month ago. We settled on $6500, only 1500 more than the bus, plus it already had couches, fridge, shower and A/C

    2) that was the bad news, the good news is that the buyer is stripping it out to turn into a party bus for his bar here in montgomery. He said he wont need anything that comes out of it, and he would bring it back to me if I wanted. At the time I did not want it. Now I see use for it. So I can contribute all kinds of whatever is stripped out…. water heater, fridge, microwave, gas stove, couch, tables, captains chairs, …. Wont know what the list will look like until he actually gets around to stripping it.

    …. what do you say….

  • i saw you were up awfully late when you decided to post that and i think that would go a long way into turning an old short bus into something that would actually be pimpin, but hey, thats just my opinion.

  • hey the buffalo fans did it…why cant we?

  • Because they are from Buffalo…

    And our parents were human

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