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Daily Archive for August 17th, 2008

SEC Forecast? Who is Pat Forde?


5. Nick Saban will pull an upset — either to open or close the regular season.

Alabama opens in Atlanta against Clemson, which is ranked in the top 10. It closes, of course, with Auburn — potentially another top-10 opponent. The Crimson Tide will win one of the two, either spoiling Clemson’s season early or ending their losing streak to Auburn late.


Your kiding me right? There’s no way the tide beats Clemson or Auburn. The bammers go 0-2 in both those games Pat. What defense does bama have? Better yet, what linebackers? You dont win games with and a mediocre QB and one unproven WR; you win games in the trenches. The bama O-line won’t be able to stop Ricky Sapp from Clemson or Antionio Coleman of Auburn. It’s just the facts.  WDE.

What The Country Thinks About bama



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