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Auburntron Game Preview: Louisiana-Monroe



Tuscaloosa, Alabama takes a deep breath. You better believe the turd nation tunes in for this one. The hopes of many to watch Auburn falter to the 1-AA school seems to be the only remedy to the tide’s haunting memories of last years Bama/ULM game. You can hear them like whispers in an old horror movie…21-14, 21-14, 21-14. Tide fans everywhere continue holding their breath as Kodi “superman” Burns steps out on the field as the starter in the new era of auburn football. The Spread Eagle offense comes out of the gates with a ferociousness that makes punching babies seem just. Mario Fannin’s staypuft marshmallow man stomp down the field forces the visitor section to take cover. The Defense looks like Chuck Lidell and Rampage Jackson had a baby, main lined steriods, then smoked some PCP it bought from Jimmy Johns. The beating that occurs requires Lincoln-financial to start issuing parental advisories before their simulcast: “Warning: your children’s eyes may bleed due to excessive hits by Tray Blackmon”. This first game of 08′ goes to further substantiate the belief that the Alabama Crimson Tide should play in the ACC. Tuscaloosa exhales… 42-7 Auburn. A new era has arrived.

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