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Re-Post AuburnTron become a writer contest….

Looking for the next person to write Auburn article’s for the Tron….

I know there are about 3 to 5 of us that regularly write on here but I wanted to open it up and see if there are an readers that want to take a shot at it!

The contest will consist of two articles -

The first should be your funniest tailgating experience at an AUburn game.. This could be funny at your expense or the someone else’s… Extra points if someone in the story pee’s themselves!

The second should be an article in regards to what you feel are hardest game will be.. this should be a funny , factual , motivational Article!

Neither should be longer than 2 Paragraphs. We will decide a winner or winner’s after reading any or all entry’s! If no one writes one then I will pull a Bama and just present myself with the prize!

Good luck… Respond with your entry’s to

Mikey H – Out!

P.S. – War Damn Eagle!

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