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Welcome To AUburn Football…. Welcome To HELL!

Your heart is racing… your hand’s are clammy…your pupils are so small you can hardly see… That’s right either you just left Jimmy John’s house or you are in the stadium waiting for AU’s first kick off of the season.… (I Just Pee’d Alittle)

This season starts off with a team that is returning some talent… And let us not forget this is a team that has kept the great tradition of waxing Bama alive and well documented….

I believe that this will not be a walk in the park… We are going to have some mistakes and though we will win by 21 we will learn from this game. This game will teach us a lot about who Kodi / Todd really will be or at least get excited about the man child Chris Burns ( Scientist are still trying to make this work but the fetus keeps trying to roll out of the pocket).  

I am looking forward to seeing are offense take the first step to greatness.. The Tony Franklin way! But let’s start out talking about what are team is made of this year…We are going to see a lot of the air game that we have been missing and that alone is going to help us get through are schedule but I feel to much hype has been put on that let’s not forget my #1 thing I Love about Auburn ~ No matter if your D stop’s the passing game or not.. We can shove the ball down your throat if we must… Ask Tate – The dude looks like he could step in the ring against Kimbo.. Then we have Brad “Do Work” Lester – Who WILL have a break out year no matter the situation. Also Tristan “Magic Man”
Davis… “Now You See Me Now You Don’t”… Kid is crazy quick but if you need a reference point go to Kentucky game his Fresh year or
Florida game his Soph year.  Then the newest entry to the team a kid named Eric “4th and 2” Smith – They are already projecting this kid to be big time! He is said to be the Rudi of today! And these are not people that hand out complements like this!

I am also excited to see the defense.. Tray “Little Ball Of Hate” Blackmon (Why even try a fun nickname when he already has this one).. He will be the man! But no matter what between him, Coleman and Carter… They will be respected… or you will be putting in your second or third QB. We have some questions in are defense though.. Like can are Freshmen step up to the task… but that’s what these opening games are for.. get the experience against an ok team so by the time we play the top 10’s you are a
Man. We have a stable of talent on the D and feel we will have no drop off this year. If anything we will come out with a new energy!

So long story short… (This Goes Out To Nate)

Today we will step out of the shadows of
AL “To Sexy For My Shirt” Borges and into the Franklin Dynasty. It will be time to show those little birdies what it means to play a real team from the state of
Alabama. The boy’s in
Orange and Blue are going to hit them so hard that their grandmother on their father’s side will break a hip! The ball will fly… the backs will run and all of this will be done without a single huddle… (Sorry Nip‘s Just Got Hard) The baby hawks will not only lose by 21… 28-7 to be exact… they will truly walk away with a life lesson.. Next time tell you AD to wise up and schedule Spuat again cause when you step into the stadium with Auburn you better put your big boy pant’s on…Nothing against ULM (Love the fact you beat Bama) but playing us at home is just asking for an ass-whooping!



P.S. – Saban Can Suck My Balls….

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