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Thoughts and USM preview


USM put up 641 total yards in the 51-21 routing of the sun-belt conference team Louisiana-Lafayette last Saturday, 214 of that through the air. We are defiantly going be tested through the air this week. But I think our secondary is up to the challenge. Neiko Thorpe looked solid last week and looks to be stepping up for us as a true freshman. As for the offense, from what i have read, Franklin blamed our QB problems and lack of passing stats (88 yards combined passing from both qbs) on the 2 QB’s rotating. Neither could get in a rhythm b/c he was rotating every series. He said he will have that fixed this week with a different rotating method. Franklin has been quoted saying that both QBs would not go deep even when he called the deep play leading him to believe that Burns/Todd were nervous about losing their starting role and would not relax. What about the receivers? Yes, some ran some pretty ugly routes; however, I think this week Franklin will leave in Kodi for an entire quarter (or longer) and let him get in rhythm. It will be then when you will see how far along these receivers have come. Still, Kodi did not look as bad as some are trying to say. The pass to Slaughter was the best deep ball thrown in that stadium since Campbell. The pass to D.Winter in the end zone is the most athletic “accurate” pass in that stadium since D.Craig. For the most part the ULM game was an excellent first game to get the jitters out. We didn’t go to deep into our playbook to show anything special to other teams. I think we’ll slowly start to see more out of super Mario Fannin this year; however, Franklin wants him to get better during the times he doesn’t have the ball. As for USM, I expect Auburn to continue its solid running game (How about Eric Smith!?!) this week and we will see a more stable play in quarterback Kodi Burns. Our D and special teams will again play lights out and will be to much for the golden eagles. 24-10 AUBURN

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  • I can see why Brad Lester was ranting and raving so much about Eric Smith this offseason. He’s incredible!

  • I agree with you Tony Eric smith has power, and elusivness, and is a fine north south runner! Hats off to Ben Tate as well for his performance. Now lets get Triston Davis, and Mario Fannin going.
    Its a damn shame to have lost Louis on the first play of the night. He was going to be a good one for us, and the game plan was somewhat built toward him just a bit. Threw off the passing game, and the changing of the QB didnt help much either. I think we need to pick one and stay with him. My preference would be Burns he seems to add a little more of a running threat in case of rushes, or blown passing plays. WAR EAGLE!!!!!

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