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How many times do the Auburn Tigers have to destroy this god aweful team before SI quits putting them on covers? theyre back, theyre back! give me a f’ing break. see you in November ladies.


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  • … Seriously

    This is like Bamas Death Sentence when it comes down to playing Auburn…

    Every year they have been on the front cover, especially when they went 9-0 under Shula, Auburn extends the streak one more time. I can’t say its going to be the last nail in the coffin for Bama this year… but I do have faith in Franklins new Spread. He has a few kinks to work out, and hopefully since its an after noon game I will be sober enough to take more notes of how great we actually are.

    oh yeah, and we own Bryant Denny Stadium anyways… so no worries!!

  • As usual our crimson blinded brothers are grasping for any straw they might find. Sure Alabama beat Clemson, and in pretty good fashion as well. Unfortunaly no ACC team no matter how good can stand up to even a less than great SEC team. Clemson wasnt Georgia, Clemson wasnt Arkansas, Clemson wasnt Ole Miss, Clemson wasnt Miss State, and they sure were not Auburn.
    We at Auburn beat Clemson at the last of the season when they were at their best with a new O we just instaled 9 weeks prior to that game so big deal.
    I think more should be made of the fact that Auburn defeated the ULM Warhawks 34-0 a team that actually whipped Alabama at home last year, and we did it in a sort of half ass fashion with great D, special teams, and a sputtering O.
    Take heart my Auburn brothers, and sisters its still very early, and we will get the kinks worked out by the time we play LSU. Thats gonna be the game that decides the SEC west this year, and we have home field advantage. Be brave and hold your heads high these tigers of ours have yet to show just how much fight they really have, and Tubby can work wonders I have seen it before, and so have all of you. WAR EAGLE

  • Try not to be offended by the crimson tiders. I know they are the largest bunch of mouthy know it alls in the world bar none. But try to remember they love to brag, and have had very little to brag over for the last seven years. Between coaching changes, probations, and a 6 losses to Auburn in a row. Times have been tuff on them. Its hurt the iron bowl in fact. With Auburn knowing going in they were gonna beat Bama it took some of the shine off the game.
    So allow them their brief moment of glory. Let them have a little pride. Let them get their hopes up, and even feel they can compete with the best.
    Then when we beat them at Bryant Denny Tubberville field for the seventh straight time this year it will really really mean something for all of us!!!!

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