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Daily Archive for September 5th, 2008

hurricanne Hannah update

I’m in pawleys island sc right now with another reporter and a satellite truck. We are parked on the front beach of pawleys where Hannah is supposed to hit around 11 PM eastern. Its my first hurricanne so it should be fun. Its not to bad right now but the wind is defiantly picking up. Unfortunitly my blackberry will not let me post video. More later. Nate.

How to confuse an Alabama Football fan


So it is official the world is ending… And here is how I know…

  • UCLA Win’s After there QB looked more like the starting QB for the Special Olympic two hand touch team…..
  • Vandy Puts up 100 Yards on USC and then pulls a special teams miracle to take a DUBYA…
  • My Fav… ECU Rocks the world with a return kick then a blocked punt.. That’s Beamer Ball for ya! F U VT!!!
  • Auburn throws for 89 Yards after we have faithfully read about are high octane offense for 6 F*ing months…
  • Alabama comes strong and knocks out a weak Clemson.. They still suck hugh monkey balls.. look out for Nov PUnk’s..
  • Got 14
  • Florida = Hurt
  • Georgia = Hurt
  • OSU = Hurt if they play a SEC team again = Really Hurt
  • Auburn = Hurt
  • UGA allows Southern to look actually good against them..
  • USC jumps UGA because they beat UVA (Was anyone really surprised..)

But before you start having gay orgy’s because you don’t want to die a virgin look at this…

  • Auburn has the key master in Tony Franklin and guess who the Gate Keeper Is…
  • TUB’s…

We will battle the State Puff marsh mellow man at Jordain Hair this weekend…

  • They have power… 633 Yards… Way to go..
  • But LL didn’t have our head hunters… USM said they will jam it down are throats… That is just plan ignorant…
  • Prepare for us to have Lot’s of ground yards with a sprinkle of areal attacks!!!
  • USM Claims to throw the spread at us… fast pace no huddle…
  • But like Biggie Said More Snaps More Coleman…

We will win big… we will come out cool and collect… It is very easy to see that we were nervous over starting spots… first time running the offense… What ever.. We come out strong.. Kodi play a little but mainly we get a chance to see Todd calm down and get it done…..


We win 38 – 0 … D stays Perfect….

Get Ready Boy’s… Tomorrow we do battle

War Eagle… Love Ya