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ECU VS WVU Game – Police Excessive Force Investigation


The big win has been marred by an after the game incident. That incident has several police departments and the school investigating claims that the police over reacted when jubilant students stormed the field. There are two incidents, specifically, that East Carolina University Police Chief Scott Shelton says they are investigating for claims of excessive force. The first one is where an officer is seen seemingly throwing punches. The other is an incident where an officer slams a person to the ground. Shelton says, celebration is not a crime and use of excessive force is unacceptable.

“There’s no denying what you saw on film was sickening in nature, now what we have to do is make sure that we do a thorough investigation and find out, not what the person did for him to be taken to the ground, but why the punches were thrown,” Shelton says.

Shelton did not disclose the law enforcement agencies being investigated for excessive force.  He says it’s up to each individual department to deal with disciplinary action. ECU Police says the investigation will take a few days before they wrap up. They are taking complaints, calls, and looking at various videotapes. Lenoir County, Kinston and Pitt County Law Enforcement are all looking into it.

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