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What we have learned so far….

Now that the Tigers have finished up with their cupcakes, Tub’s 10th birthday party is about to get a little more exciting with their first SEC match up against Mississippi St. this weekend.  Before we get into it though, I’d like to look back and talk about what we have learned so far.


  •  The two-headed quarterback monster needs to be slain.  It just doesn’t work, or at least what we were trying to do against La Monroe doesn’t.  We can’t alternate quarterbacks every series, it kills the rhythem and doesn’t give either one of them a chance to get a feel for the game.  It’s like sloppy seconds or a ‘Ménage à trois’ with two dudes.  I’d like to see Todd manage the game and move the ball down the field, but then when we are inside the 10yd line, I’d like to see Burns in the game.  It gives the Tigers a multidimensional look that is good to have that close to the goal line.
  • Auburn’s Defense is sicker than the bubonic plague.  The Tigers didn’t allow a point this season until late in the third quarter of Game 2 against Southern Miss, which managed just 37 yards rushing.  Southern Miss’ running backs turned gay after the game after Auburn’s D took away their manhood.  Before that, Auburn shut out Louisiana-Monroe, which scored 27 against Arkansas a week later.  Trey Blackmon eats children and Marks and Coleman are baby killers.


  • Robert Dunn will go yard multiple times this year on special teams.  The return specialst kissed the endzone and he liked it.  Those 6 points tasted like cherry chapstick.  They must of tasted real good too because every since he scored against La Monroe he looks like he’s going to every time.  He had one BS call take another TD away from him in last week’s game.  Punters are pooping their pants and are not going to kick it to him, just giving up good field position to AU.  If they do kick to him, look out, it could very well be a pontiac game changing play against a big SEC foe.
  • Auburn needs to hold on to the damn ball.  We need to get our players some of that glue David Tyree used in the super bowl or Justin Timberlake’s gum or whatever they need to not drop the ball.  Auburn fumbled 3 times in the red zone last game and luckily we got one back.  Auburn is 3rd to last in the SEC along with Miss St and South Carolina with 5 turnovers lost and they have only gotten 5 from other teams.  Entering SEC play we need a much better ratio, right now it’s a turnover version of a sausage party.
  • Will the real Mario Fannin please stand up?  Or is he too beat up and bruised to even stand?  Super Mario has not been so super as of lately.  46 total yards in 2 games is not what I expected.  He needs some magic mushrooms or something, a hummer from Princess Toadstool maybe?  He needs to get healthy, he looks like Robocop with braces and metal attached to all his limbs.  If Mario can get going it will add so much to our offense and instead of barely covering the spread, the Tigers could put some real points on the board.

The first two games were a learning process.  Now it is redemption time againd Miss St.  Hopefully the Tigers will be fired up and ready to pounce on Sly Croom and his bulldogs, Mike Vick Stylez.  If Todd can get rid of the ball faster and make better decisions, our run game and defense will do the rest. WAR DAMN EAGLE, and as always, GO TIGERS!


2 Responses to “What we have learned so far….”

  • Great Article man. That was hilarious!

    I have a feeling though MSU is about to catch a serious beating. 1) its a revenge game 2)MSU only has running backs – no O-line, and defianly no QB 3)We wont be turning the ball over. GAMEBREAKER: tray blackmon, brad lester, tristan davis, and chris todd are four players that did not get a chance to play against MSU last year. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing alot of #’s 9 & 10 on ESPN !!!

  • 3)We wont be turning the ball over.

    well at least we won, huh

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