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T-Minus 1 Week

29collider_span.jpg Whatever particle accelorator article you read about last week is minor in compairison to the collision occuring next Saturday September 20…better known the Auburn Vs Lsu football game. Corso and the brotherhood of the traveling trojan worshipers will be on hand for this epic battle. But what is going on at Auburn? Tiger fans really dont know what to think about their team. Internet message boards, forums, and website are filled with fan nonsense “are you kidding me? Wow. What? Whoa. High Octane? Huh? Spread who?” Ok just wait a minute everyone. Take a step back from the edge. Put down that umbrella, the sky is not falling. But, wow really?


I really don’t know where to begin so Ill start with defense, excuse me … mister lights out aka mister make it rain blows on you HO’s. Offensive coordinators in the SEC over the last few weeks have let out a simultaneous “OH $H*&” at the thought of the tigers defense. Even the “mighty #2″ bulldogs (‘ahem… leghumpers) defense looked vulnerable against a pathetic gamecock offense. But not the tigers. The Paul “hit-em-in-mouth” Rhodes defense has Texas looking to fire Will Muschamp.This defense just might be the best D on the plains in the past ten years and the best D in the country right now. More positives. MSU’s 116 yards of total offense, is the fewest yards allowed by an AU defense since limiting Kentucky to 110 in 2004. But even more important than that is the STAT OF THE WEEK: Tiger opponents are now (3-of-46) on third downs this season. Are you kidding me? That’s just unheard of. Yeah – Yeah – Yeah – I know it was against LA-MO, SMU, and MSU; but, that’s just incredible no matter who your playing. Tray Blackmon, Marks, and McFadden really stood out to me. It was good to see Tray back out there against a run first type of team. I think Tray having to play pass protect against the first two spread teams really messed up his knock your head off mentality. But his stop on 4th and 1 had me screaming at my TV like it owed me money. McFadden’s no look interception was simply unreal.


Full Count. Our offense on the other hand…well…you saw the game. I know a lot of people out there are big supporters of Kodi Burns (including myself), but you know sometimes you just have to have faith in your coaching staff. Also, there is no reason to get down on QCT. He didn’t throw a pick and made good decisions for the most part. The offense just needs to execute better.


There is a reason Tubs is holding back with Kodi and maybe us fans are not seeing the bigger picture. In a press conference today Tuberville said,

I know everybody wonders why Kodi didn’t play, a lot of that had to do with me. I thought putting him in a situation where our back was to the wall a lot in certain situations, I wanted it to be a positive note when he goes back in the game. He was ready to go. He’s a team player. And we’ve got to find the right situation.

Personally I thought that situation presented itself when we were on the goal line but it looks like we will have to wait and see what the old river boat gambler has in store. Are we ever going to see the I-formation on the goal line? Where is this offense I keep hearing about in closed practices? Where are these sweet trick plays I watched troy complete last year? Calling Mario Fannin!! HELLOOO??? But I really think with Tate, Lester, Dunn, Fannin, Davis, our O-line, and our defense, we can be spectacular! Auburn’s 315 total yards against MSU was the lowest output of the season but still better than six of Auburn’s 13 games last year!!

Just to rant real quick…this is also a MAJOR recruiting weekend @ AUBURN. Just about everybody we want on our future tiger team will be @ Jordan-Hare. If I hear any fans boo’ing our players I will be extreemly disapointed – ok rant over.

However, I keep reading a lot of theories on the internet about how Tubs is holding back the reins to this offense until the right time (LSU game). Knowing the first three games could be won with solid D and the running game, Tubs has opted to keep the real offense under wraps. This in itself would be the biggest riverboat gambling move in the history of riverboat gambling. Err what? But whatever the truth may be, right now, we just need to be patient. PATIENCE AUBURN FANS!!! PATIENCE!!! This offense is going to start clicking. I just hope it’s in time for the monster particle explosion heading our way this weekend. WAR DAMN EAGLE

You can’t get better doubting what you’re doing. Always remember that. -Tommy Tuberville

2 Responses to “T-Minus 1 Week”

  • Wow! thats right! Wow!

    We all heard it at some point this weekend against MSU.

    where is the speed of the No Huddle offense, where is this spread? why do we keep running the same two plays over and over.

    -the answer rest in the hands of TT and TF. They know what they are doing.

    I agree, we need to be patient. Let us have a nostalgic moment. Auburn v LSU 2004 and the games that preceded that game. Was Auburn playing as a team? yes, were they blowing out teams the way they did after LSU? absolutely not. what we remember from 2004 is our spectacular offense that came together AFTER the narrow victory of Greater tigers over the lesser tigers. Correct me if I am wrong, I could not find the stat, but I believe it was only 8-9! One point that separated the two. Hell the previous year, boos could be heard from the stands.

    This post just helps me to stay positive about the rest of this season, as well as the email sent out to those who are lucky enough to be on the mailing list. There was just something in Tuberville’s eyes that showed that he was confident. We all saw him very frustrated during the game when we gave MSU two, three more chances to come back and win, but at the end, he knows what his next obstacle is, and he also knows exactly what card he has up his sleeve for LSU.



  • Should have known Gameday was coming. I guess this ESPN crew will have to join as at Toomer’s on Saturday too!

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