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Auburn has to be sandbagging on offense

I’ve been watching Tommy Tuberville’s teams a long time and it always seems like the Tigers kind of stumble around a week or two before they play a huge SEC game. The offense can’t possibly be as bad as it looked in the 3-2 win over Mississippi State.Can it?

Last season Auburn lost back-to-back games to South Florida and Mississippi State in September so no one gave the Tigers a shot when they went down to No. 4 Florida. Auburn kicked a field goal at the buzzer to win 20-17. Tuberville has won 9 of his last 12 games against Top 10 teams. He has a knack of getting his teams ready for big games like these.

I’m working on a story on the Auburn offense for Friday’s paper where OC Tony Franklin takes all the blame. That’s what coaches are supposed to do. But something tells me that Tuberville and Franklin have been holding some things back and not showing all their cards because LSU is coming to town Saturday night.

Now I could be wrong. Auburn’s offense could be just that bad. But I don’t think so.


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