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Good Afternoon…. (You May Be Seated)…

I would like to introduce myself.. I am the Reverend Mikey “AU…Burn” Huddleston   … I am here to enlighten you and let you know what is going on in the world of AU…Burn..
Let me say to all of you out there Crying, Whining, Bitching, and Moaning – Shut The F* Up….. Or at least keep it off my web sight or any email chain that you may add the name Mike Huddleston to..
I want to lead you to the promise land but until you decide to walk I am not going to drag your sorry ass’s.  Does 3-2 suck… Yes of course – it feels the same way a Rusty Trombone feels (Which for you weirdo’s out there that have not tried that is not good).. But at the end of the day what matters to you the most.. an Ugly Win or a Beautiful Loss? Would you rather a model with the clap or a chubby girl who is ready to go? A week old steak and cheese or a brand new veggie pita?
In the long run we are still ranked 10th… Todd is still the QB that we will see start and we seem to have trouble holding onto the ball… Who give s a rat’s ass? Did you just read we are 3-0 and still 10th in the nation… Cheer up you all need a Coke and a Smile…
Yes the main reason we keep the prestige is that every time Players like Coleman or Blackmon hit someone John Parker Wilson’s penis shrivels at least an inch… But it has alot to do with the fact that this is a learning curve and we are blessed to have a defense that can make our growth in the spread form into W’s. Any other team out there right now would be looking at 1 – 2 wondering what happened to the team they read about all offseason – We get a redo… A football mulligan..
Where should your head be right now?
We have the biggest game of our season this weekend followed by the biggest game of our season… Your head should be in the cloud’s – we are still in the running for everything we dream at night while we hold are Aubie teddy bear close….. We have beaten huge contenders the last 3 time’s Game Day and there gay trio have come to town… Shit the Iron brother’s thanked Corso (Swallows) after the Florida game… We have a chance to unleash hell.. To prove that we are getting this Spread.. and turning it into our own.. the Spread Eagle! With a dash of Tate … a sprinkle of Todd and a nice helping of Kodi (GOD PLEASE) we should keep them off balance.. Don’t forget that our WR’s are picking it up…. some how Tristan “Can’t touch This” Davis is still healthy.. And the fact that no matter what the Bunker or any other blog say’s.. when Auburn fan’s get in the stadium we believe in every single word or action that Tub’s or Franklin say or do.
So rise out of the Buffalo Dung of Negativity you have been rolling in and join me on my high horse cause.. When we beat LSU all the past games stuff get’s forgotten… When we beat Tenn.. we get the credit of being the new team to beat… and after we beat Vandy ( I will be married this is not going to effect our ranking but might impact the sale of Jim Beam)..
Long story short… I love you all… I believe even the biggest pessimist out there is ready to get in the stadium and believe.. and I believe we will get this all figured out by the second quarter! 28 – 17 AUBURN…
So Sit Up Shut Up And Let’s Roll That Damn Tree…
War Damn Eagle
Mikey H

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