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Polls – Week 4 4week 4 

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  • hey is there any way you guys could put a post on here about Aubie in the capitalonebowl mascot competition? He is getting beat by Smokey from UT right now and he lost last week too. Just post this link and have people go and vote once a day and see if we cant help him out. Thanks man!!

  • Auburn drops out of top twenty not to return in 2008 after back to back losses to the Vols and Doors…The “spread” is Dead in the SEC…the “spread” is a great offense to run if you can’t match up size wise with you competition but for Auburn to run this offense is a nightmare…we might go 0-3rd down conversions in back to back weeks…

    The other coaches in the SEC are so thankful for Tony Franklin and the “Franklin Forty”…The forty yards between the 30 yard lines where you can find his “spread” offense…

    No offense to Chris Todd…but he would probably do quite well at Troy had he followed Coach Franklin there…but his Junior High arm and 5.4 speed he is a “dead man walking” against SEC competion..

    My God when will this end….

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