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Daily Archive for September 28th, 2008

Gameday @ AU VS VANDY This Weekend




I just want to fucking vent – I don’t really care if anyone reads this it just makes me feel better typing this so maybe someone can feel my pain from today. If you have anything negative to say to me then fuck you – quit reading this fucking blog. My day begins with me DVR’ing the Auburn game on CBS. Also, it’s my 8th day in a row working since I got called in on my only day off yesterday. I’ve had almost a 70 hour week. I bite my lip at work cause I got 4 days off for mikeys wedding next week; so, I agreed to cover this dude for his birthday today. I find out yesterday that I have to come in at this morning at 7am to cover a charity run. Whatever, no big deal – I handle it. Next, I run over to college of Charleston to shoot video and an interview a student on campus for a seminar on illegal human trafficking throughout the world. Ok – done. Then it was off to Charleston Southern University to shoot highlights of, from my point of view, the two worst football teams to ever take the field. There are no highlights until the last second of the 1st half so I cannot leave until the third quarter. So like a free man from Shaw shank I try to jump a fence leaving the stadium. You guessed it – I rip a hole in the front of my pants the size of the zipper hole. Back to the station with a new mysterious breeze. The clock hits 3:30pm/2:30pm central. I turn off my cell phone. I turn off my work phone. I turn off approximately twenty TVs in the newsroom. I really never fully realized how much Auburn shit I read daily until I forced myself to not read any Auburn news on the internet for the next 4 hours. Internet withdraw starts to set in. What else is there to read on computers if it has nothing to do with Auburn football? It’s really beyond me. I edit the majority of the 6pm show. It’s about this time when a producer tells me we do not have a 6pm show today due to football but we do have a 7pm. FUCK ME. Its 5pm- the Auburn game has been on for two and a half hours. I know nothing of what is going on. I’m starting to sweat. A distraction finally comes as I’m given two assignments to go shoot. The first, weather video. Cake – done. The second, “MOS’s” also known as “man on the streets”. Basically get 5 sounds bites from 5 different people and edit them all together about a certain topic which is of course the debates last night. I head to the market in downtown Charleston with my radio off in fear of hearing any scores. Still sweating. Rounding the corner of Market Street, outside big johns bar, I see a guy wearing a Tennessee orange shirt holding a beer and cell phone talking frantically and looking REAL worried! My mind is racing are we winning, are we losing? In all honesty I was feeling pretty good after seeing that – I did have to laugh a little bit (bitch). I get out of my work truck and stand in the middle of Market Street with a news 2 mic and my camera on my shoulder looking for the first 5 people to talk to about the debates. I’m on a roll, I get a couple of interviews – things are looking good, about to head back to the station – until, a guy and his girlfriend and his mom and dad walk toward me and ask to get on the news. Looking up I notice the guys baseball cap – a big bright big A on top of houndstooth. “Hey buddy – whatcha doin out here? Can we get on the news?” Instinctivly I come back with, “Sorry, BUDDY, I don’t put alabama fans on the news”. They stood in shock staring at me. “Whatever – your just jealous.” I turn back around and give em a big “WAR EAGLE - SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER”. They give me a “ahhhh whatever” and keep walking down the street. Ok that was prolly the only cool part of the day. I head back to the news station to edit – still avoiding all forms of media (the irony here – jesus). A couple people at work try to make jokes – “ohhh auburn lost”. I really want to hit someone in the fucking face about right now. 7:00pm comes around. The notre dame game still hasn’t ended – we go on late. 7:30 comes around we start the show. 8:00pm – I leave the station in a mad rush to get to my TV. My roomate greets me in the hallway and also tries to make lame/bad attempt at “oohhh auburn lost” joke – I silence him quickly with authority. I get him to put on the auburn game on the DVR so I do not mistakenly see the score on the channel. Game comes on! WAR FUCKING EAGLE! YES LETS DO THIS! Wait! Whats this? THE FUCKING FLORIDA GAME!? Yep, it takes up the entire first quarter of the Auburn game. I cant fucking believe it. Oh well I think – ill check out the rivals highlights later. Back to the game. I start back watching the second quarter when I notice the time line meter bar at the bottom of the screen. Half of it is in red. The second quarter ends….along with my DVR recording of the 2008 Auburn Tennessee game. “YOUR DVR IS OUT OF SPACE”. I call scott holder and mikey and find out won.

Mother-Fucker-Fuck-This-Saturday. WAR EAGLE. 4-1.