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Daily Archive for October 4th, 2008

Post Vandy Rant

I’m just curious how one could go from dominating the game with a great running offense (under center) to thinking “hey, we’re ahead now, why don’t we try that spread thing again”??????? Seriously, why didn’t we just go back to what worked? It’s unbelievable. Not one time did we got back to what was working for us. We are two separate teams, first half (or shorter) and second half. We have no finishing skills. We have no red zone skills. Now I have been pro-tubby for the last 8 years, but I’m losing faith. Is he growing so tame in his old age that he won’t step up to the task? Has my faith in Franklin been misplaced? Don’t get me wrong, I want to believe in the Spread Eagle soooooooooooo badly, but it’s starting to wane. I mean, I had my thoughts about holding back the playbook to not give things away, but now I think we just aren’t that good. Todd? Burns? Doesn’t matter. Receivers, come on, catch something……if you touch it, you should catch it. Offensive line? Laxing more every week. I have and will always be one of the biggest Auburn supporters, but at some point, either you have to call it what it is or you are senile. I’m still willing to believe in the spread eagle offense, but if we don’t stop holding back OR if we cant find our rhythm (i.e. go with what works), then I think we need to find a coach (or coaches) who can agree on a plan and stick with it, or find all new coaches in general.

Now, its 10:25 pm on Saturday and I MIGHT have drank too much liquor after our loss, but damnit, I’m coherent enough to type and that’s good enough for me.

Whatever the score, its great the be an auburn tiger, I love this place, what it represents and the people who make it what it is. More than I could ever express, and it doesn’t matter if we go 0-10 AS LONG AS we beat those hackneyed houndstooth homers from across the state.

P.S. F*ck Byrum and his crooked leg. (It’s almost like he assumed he didn’t have to practice this summer because he did decently last year. Gimme a break, he’s already missed several key kicks)