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Daily Archive for October 9th, 2008

And For Our Next Act: The Tubermenger

-Tuberville / Steve Ensmenger Named CO-Offensive Coordinators-

QBs coach Steve Ensmenger and head coach Tommy Tuberville will both call plays for the Auburn Offense for the remainder of the year. Steve Ensminger will take charge of Auburn’s offense, but he won’t be the offensive coordinator. Tuberville said the search for a new offensive coordinator will begin shortly but he won’t name one until after the season. He also said none of AU’s current assistants will be considered for the position. As for the remainder of the season, Tuberville said they won’t be making any major changes to the offense and still plan to continue using the no-huddle system that was installed by Franklin. Tuberville doesn’t plan to bring in an outside consultant as he did in 2003 when the offense struggled with Ensminger and current offensive line coach Hugh Nall sharing the offensive coordinator position….cause we all know how that turned out: