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Daily Archive for October 20th, 2008

Stephen Garcia Tackled By An Umpire

Informed Voters

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Carlos Rodgers Laying The Wood

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Its Gonna Be A Cold One

AUBURN — At the 2000 Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa, fans and players were pelted with a chilly rain that turned to slush and ice as the temperature plummeted in the second half.Auburn has played five games in sub-50-degree weather since 2000. That bleak Iron Bowl, with a 41-degree game time temperature, was the coldest.The chill Thursday night when Auburn plays at West Virginia could be almost as biting. According to forecasts by The Weather Channel, Morgantown will have a daytime high of 59 degrees and an overnight low of 37 on Thursday.Josh Bynes, a native of south Florida, said he’s never played in cold weather.”I’m from the bottom of the map,” he said. “When you get flowing, the cold weather won’t really affect you that much.”The coolest temperature at kickoff so far this season was Oct. 11, when Auburn and Arkansas contended with a pleasant 73-degree afternoon.