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Excellence (even if it’s UF)

OK – this is a conversation between my friends Danny and Rod.  They are discussing another friend of mine whose dad passed away recently:

Do you want to hear the final story of george scales
george scales was a huge gator booster
Rodgers:  yes
danny:  so he asked for his ashes to be scattered on florida field
Rodgers:  no way
did they honor his wishes?
danny:  so they contacted the athletic department and they did
honor his wishes
Rodgers:  holy shit
danny:  so his son john takes them out on the field
and is throwing them all around
and part of the tour they got was of urban meyers office
so john goes behind his desk
and bends down to tie his shoe
he was wearing cuffed pants
and he flipped down the cuff and the ashes he hid there fell out
and he grinded them into the carpet of the office
george scales last act of reason

Now that, my friends, is a LIFETIME commitment to excellence…

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