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YouTube Preview ImageThis is for EVERY ONE NOW!   How is America going to react….We can’t change the outcome… It’s here Are we going to see a change?? Is he going to make it?  Does he have what it takes?  POST YOUR COMMENTS…. 

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  • I found this article interesting…

    6 ways Obama can show he’ll be a different kind of president:

    1. Embrace John McCain
    2. Appoint Republicans
    3. Work without pay
    4. Increase disclosure and transparency
    5. Hold one inaugural event outside Washington
    6. Meet with a cross-section of religious leaders

  • 1,2, and 6 are ways he could be the same kind of president we already have, namely a republican. That time is over. 3 and 5 are meaningless. 4 is a good idea.

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