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from the espn blog…

The decision to let TT go is the culmination of the attempt in 2003. Judging from the postings, most of you are too young to remember the mid-70′s. When Shug Jordan decided to retire in 1974, the AU Pres called the UA Pres to get advise on how to hire a head coach. The response was “Don’t hire a head coach who will be more popular than the BOD and the Pres. That was evident with the Lowder incident. TT was more popular than the BOD and the BOD wound up looking like a bunch of fools. With the results of the past season, the BOD had the opportunity to take advantage of the unrest in the AU camp. Plain and simple, the BOD took advantage of that opportunity. I believe TT would have turned it around next year. He did it in 2004, and he could do it again.
On the other hand the Bama fans have their right to bask in the sun.
Saban’s victory this year surely resulted in TT being fired, but how many coaches have left Bama at TT’s hands?

- geezer1965

I’ll miss him…geezer1965 for Heisman.

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