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My Vote For Auburn’s Future: Turner Gill


All American QB. While his teammate won the Heisman, it was Gill that made what many consider the best offense of all time click. Gill was 28-2 as a starter.  But suffice to say, leading one of the storied and all time best offenses and taking them to the brink of a NC twice, the guy has known pressure.
Assistant Coach:
-3 national title rings
-As a qb coach, tutored Tommie Frazier, considered the best option type qb of all time. Tutored his replacement, Scott Frost, who transferred to NU from Stanford as a safety. Frost, some argue, might have been in Frazier’s category by the end of his career.
Tutored Eric Crouch, Heismann winner.

Head Coach:
Took the worst program in college football (Buffalo) and made them conference champions in 3 years. Gill, 46, inherited a program in 2006 that had won just eight conference games in the previous eight seasons, improving each year: 2-10 in 2006, 5-7 in 2007 and 8-5 in 2008.  Worked as an assistant at Southern Methodist, North Texas and Nebraska.

This guy can motivate like no one else. He is by all accounts a stand up, intense Christian person. He doesn’t just care for the kids as long as they are playing football, but as you can see, he really cares for them deeply. Gill is the real deal. I know he doesn’t have that assurity of being a successful HEAD coach at a major venue but unbounded success has followed him wherever he has been. He is one of the very few individuals that coaches both excellence and integrity and both to a high degree. Gill has been at the top his entire career. And even when thrown in a snakepit (Buffalo), has emerged to championship football.


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