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2:18 PM Friday

Door closing? According to the source who originally leaked the muschamp news late last night and has been quoted on ESPN all day… Boom is not going anywhere

Muschamp said, there is “zero chance” he leaves Texas for the head coaching job at Auburn. He added, “I’m going to be the next head coach at the University of Texas.”

More denials from Boom in a AJC article earlier this afternoon…

Just got off the phone with Will Muschamp, the defensive coordinator and head coach in waiting at Texas. He emphatically shot down television reports in Mobile that he would be the named the next coach at Auburn today.“I have not talked to Auburn about this job and I have no interest in the job,” said Muschamp. “I really don’t know what else to say. I’m going to stay at Texas until they fire me.” My sources tell me that some Board of Trustee members did pick up the phone and call Muschamp to find out if he was interested. But those sources also tell me that when Muschamp was at Auburn as DC, he and athletics director Jay Jacobs did not part on the best of terms.

ESPN reporting TCU’s Gary Patterson (there goes your pick Cowart) is no longer interested after interviewing on Thursday. ESPN has also confirmed that AD Jay Jacobs plans to interview Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe. The last three seasons Grobe has led Wake to three consecutive bowl games for the first time in school history. Wake won the ACC Championship in 2006 for only the second time in school history. Grobe is 53-44 in eight seasons at Wake. There are also rumblings that Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson and East Carolina’s Skip Holtz could be targets.

-and the pendulum swings back towards Gill…rumor has it if Muschamp can work out w/ AU admin that he doesn’t have to report to Jay Jacobs and just report to Gogue, the Auburn president, he will take the job. If you remember last year if it wasnt for JJ CWM might still be @ Auburn. Also, many are saying that the Syracuse job was Gill’s to lose but he passed on it in hopes of a phone call from Auburn. But its still all rumors…

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  • Well I don’t believe a word any of these coaches say, so Patterson may not be out. I think Mushchamp is not coming though. If not Patterson I think it should be between Turner Gill and Paul Johnson. None of the others compare in my opinion. Turner Gill is probably the best recruiter and Paul Johnson could have the quickest success and can do it with less talent if need be. Think of the triple option with Burns at QB, Fannin at tailback and Tate/Smith at fullback, then put some of those young quick guys (McCalebb, Pierre-Louis, etc) in the slot. It may be a little more boring to watch, but almost unstoppable. That is an offense that averaged almost 300 yards rushing a game at GT, 100 more then Alabama and more then twice what we did. If you can run the ball in the SEC, you win games and we will have the defense to go with it. If people think it would not work in the SEC look at GT, who ran for 400 yards @ Georgia and hung 45 on them and a team that will be LSU.

  • Not a fan of Paul Johnson…I think he would just be a quick fix then in 3-4 years we will be right back to where we started. Then we have all these guys who run the triple option and are set back more trying to recover (*see tommy tuberville on using power I/ power run recruits in the spread). I just think Gill (or muschamp if he would come) gives us the best advantage to battle the other SEC teams in recruiting. Auburn does not need a homerun hire like bama did with saban…our program is not as low as the bama program was when they hired him. I think Gill would be a strategic move that gives the Auburn program a new feel. Gill’s presence in recruits living rooms would certainly make bama/uga/lsu/fl commits think twice about their college career. He is just a good all around dude. saban is pure evil. And im not playing the race card with Gill…i just think he has a presence about him that when he talks people listen. War Eagle.

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