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Texas QB Colt McCoy to Follow Muschamp to Auburn

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Fox news in Mobile is reporting that Texas QB and Heisman Finalist Colt McCoy who recentley announced he would return for his senior year, has decided to follow his favorite coach to Auburn University.  In a statement released earlier this morning, McCoy had the following things to say….

 On his main reason for leaving Texas – “I am so tired of Matthew Mcconaughey walking around campus with his shirt off.  I mean it’s December and he doesn’t even go to school here.”

On why he would follow a defensive co-ordinator when he plays offense – “Well Now that Muschamp will be the HC, I figure he would chest bump the offensive players too, jeez I can’t wait to feel that man against me.”

On having to sit out a year - ”Well Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Louder have promised me Lagdon Hall auditorium full of virgins to keep me in football shape”

On his future teammate and fellow QB, Kodi Burns – “He’s  a decent scrambling QB…. for  a black guy.”

McCoy also expressed that he was so upset that Texas got the shaft when it came to a bid to play in the BCS National Title game and that he could never see that happening to a solid SEC School like Auburn.

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