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Let your voice be heard

President Jay Gogue’s Info:

(334) 844-4650

Athletic Director Jay Jacobs Info:

Jacobs: (334) 844-9891

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Dear Dr. Gogue, I am a 2005 Auburn Alum. I have recently heard news of the possible Gene Chizik hiring as our head coach of the Auburn football team. I understand the University is doing everything it can to do the right thing and make the right hire; however, I have to echo the concerns of other Auburn alums and fans around the world. Coach Chizik won just 5 games in two years at ISU. He has not proven himself. We need a leader of our University. It is my opinion that man is Turner Gill. Turner Gill would bring Auburn into the 21st century and give the players, fans, alums, and the town of Auburn someone to look up to. He is a proven coach winning the MAC championship this year! Please take the opinions of the alums and fans of this school, who bleed orange and blue in everything they do, and reconsider this hire.

War Eagle!


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  • txtiger89
    Dec 14th, 2008 at 10:19 am
    My subject line was titled “You Blew It” and I sent to Gogue and Jacobs. I am sure no one read it but I hope it helped clog their mail server!

    “Plain and simple. Could have been bold but this hire, as I am sure you are well aware from emails such as this, is a huge disappointment for the AU Community.
    I hope I eat a crow the size of the War Eagle but I am not excited about football next season.

    Why choose the guy with the worst record of all the candidates? Because he knows the directions to the campus?



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