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Ringling Brothers called,they want their circus back

Why do I still have this feeling that we’ve really missed out on something great?

The latest black eye comes from our firing of Tuberville. A controversial move, but one that could have been easily overcome with a replacement by an up and comer or an established HC at a smaller, but successful program. So how did AU fare? But of course…we hired the best talent money could buy and got the most enthusiastic, well-respected, experienced name in the business, right? Somebody whose very name would silence the critics, and whose enthusiasm alone might be the high water to cover any coaching “stumps” he might have to overcome right? No! That’s to complex a task.

We hire a HC with a losing record (2-10) and ten game losing streak. And the result? We get clobbered by the media who reinforces exactly what we are trying to overcome: a national perception of being backwoods country ass idiots, leaders full of the old deep-south mentality, and a little brother syndrome fearful of the mighty Saban. Don’t forget PERCEPTION is reality to many – our top 15 recruiting class now looks like UAB’s wish list.  Charles Barkley couldn’t be anymore right,

I just thought Turner Gill would be the perfect choice for two reasons: He’s a terrific coach and we needed to make a splash. I thought we had to do something spectacular to bring attention to the program. Clearly, if we’d hired a black coach, it would have created a buzz.

A Buzz? That’s right Charles we created a buzz. We created a media shit storm which is now making Auburn out to be the most racist school in the country. How do you think new recruits are going to react? How are WE supposed to react as fans and alumni? According to several Auburn fans around the country… we are supposed to “get over it”. Move on. Quit whining. Grow a pair. Sorry, but that doesn’t get it for me. I know we need to support Chizik cause thats the “right thing to do” or thats the “Auburn thing to do”. But I need a little more time before I jump back on that horse.

I’ve read lots of posts from those who say that AU will never have a recruiting advantage over AL because the media in the state will always promote bammer over AU; and, in the same breath, will tell you that recruiting is the lifeblood of a winning program. So we have to be even more clever in the way we handle our public perception. Give them something negative and you will hear about it for years. How many recruits are going to want to play for a school which is now being made out to be racist? What advantage is Gene 2 and 10 Chizik going to give Auburn?

Damage has been done. Thanks to one of our own, the national media is abusing Auburn football. Honestly, do you like being associated with that kind of public perception? I hate it. All of us are now guilty by association. How has Jacob’s action placed AU in the best possible light to the local TV sportscasters, radio talk show hosts, and internet article writers? How about YOUR friends, co-workers, drinking buddies, and every other SEC fan that makes it a point to say things about your AU hat, car tag, or t-shirt? Don’t kid yourselves, they make it personal if you are known for being passionate about AU.

Is any of this stuff really all that important when compared to much of life? No, not really. But if AU football is a big part of your family’s entertainment budget of time and money, you just got a SIXTH-SENSE-ending like surprise. And no, its not Bruce Willis thats dead at the end of the movie – its Auburn’s chances to succeed. People are angry and I dont blame them. AU is the laughing stock of college football…again. And again, it boils down to yet another coach related screw up.

So before you get on your high horse and question my loyalty as an AU fan, you need to find a new recipient for your all knowing wisdom. Why don’t you give it some to those responsible for embarrassing AU like they have with this hire? The goal was to find a head coach to fix an offense that couldn’t score enough points, to win ball games, and consistently compete for championships while recruiting the best players in the country. They managed to turn that simple task into a circus. I expect better from OUR  staff, from OUR program, and from OUR Auburn family.  When I “get over it”, I’ll let you know.


~ Disapointed ~

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