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Im over it…lets get behind him! War Eagle Chiz!!!


Dear Coach, here is how you win over the fan base:

1) Salvage our recruiting class: Tubs was putting together a top 10 class. If you can manage to get guys like Cotton and Robinson back on board, maybe the media will start focusing on your recuiting skills. If you do this I will start calling you John Conner, killer of the recruiting terminator they call saban.

2) Hire a coaching staff that will produce: if you take a look around the college football landscape, its not hard to notice that top name coordinator and assistant coaches can make all the difference when it comes to your teams production. Since your this “big defensive minded coach”, go get a coach like Kevin Wilson at Oklahoma, wouldn’t mine seeing that mixed spread-I/ace-form offense they run blowing light bulbs in scoreboards around the country at AU. And get guys who can recruit. 5 coaches that can recruit is sure better than 1. While your at it, steal some of bama’s recruits…wouldn’t hurt.

 3)  Put up points: I know we’re not going to get a chance to see the team until spring A-day. But seriously, we need to see offense. We need to see a reason to be excited about this team. Even if its A-day game, I wanna see some fireworks Chiz!

We are behind you. I am behind you. Auburntron is behind you. 100%.

War Eagle Coach! LETS GO!

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