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More on Gus

WHAT DOES HE RUN? It’s a spread offense in spirit. Malzahn likes to spread the field, run wide, run inside, pass quickly at times. It has a spread pace. This is not a passing offense. It’s a blend, though Malzahn’s Tulsa teams ran the ball far more often than they passed. This is the most run-oriented strain of spread offense. SO IT’S SHOTGUN STUFF? Yes, in some ways. Shotgun is a common formation, but the backs are used more creatively than what you saw with Tony Franklin’s offense. You’ll see backs in motion, end arounds, more driving runs between the tackles. There is an emphasis on quick reads and quick passes. It moves at a quick pace once the ball is snapped. Malzahn also liked to use the team’s quickest wideout, A.J. Whitmore, in Tulsa’s version of the “Wildcat” formation. That’s one of the new trends in football — using a skill-position guy at quarterback occasionally. Malzahn was doing that with Darren McFadden during his Arkansas days as well. He wasn’t the first coach to use that formation, but he brought it back to the mainstream in 2006. Many fans know the formation from watching the Miami Dolphins run it so successfully this season with former Auburn tailback Ronnie Brown. That system was installed by the Dolphins’ quarterbacks coach, David Lee. He worked with Malzahn at Arkansas.


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