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Tulsa Offense Vs Auburn Offense in 08′

Auburn Total Rushing 2008: 1650 yards
Tulsa Total Rushing 2008: 3313 yards

Auburn Total Passing 2008: 1985 yards
Tulsa Total Passing 2008: 4033 yards

Auburn Total Offense 2008: 3635 yards
Tulsa Total Offense 2008: 7346 yards

Auburn Total Points Scored 2008: 208 points
Tulsa Total Points Scored 2008: 616 points

Tulsa in 2008 also had 3 starters with over 1000 yards in a season:
-RB Tarrion Adams with 1341 yards (no rating according to rivals)
-QB David Johnson with 3866 yards (2 star QB according to rivals)
-WR Brennan Marion with 1112 yards (no rating according to rivals)

Auburn Stats
Tulsa Stats

Malzahn can flat out coach. So everyone can just quit with the Gus Malzahn/Tony Franklin comparison. THERE IS NO COMPARISON! Tony Franklin had a gimmick offense and couldn’t coach a special olympics track meet. Not to mention he was impeded by a hard-headed coach and other assistant coaches who wanted to run things their own way. Malzahn will be given what Franklin was not: the outright ability to run this offense from scratch. Anyone saying that Malzahn “can’t coach” or is a “high school coach” needs to take a closer look at the stats above. Hopefully he will also be given the ability to bring in the guys he needs to run this thing unlike run-the-same-play-30-times-in-a-row-Franklin.

Anyone saying that Gus Malzahn is another Tony Franklin does not know football very well or is living in fear of what the Auburn program is about to become. He was successful at Arkansas in 2006 and everyone was saying that that Urban Myer’s offense wouldn’t work in the SEC when he came to Forida so don’t give me that argument either. Every player should take a hard look at Auburn right now cause the man behind the wildcat formation is about to bring something serious to the plains.

Chizik Defense + Malzahn Offense = Chizzahn on your face SEC

War Damn Offense

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