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Attorney general reviewing Andre Smith situation


Attorney General Troy King’s office today began a review of information of a sports agent’s alleged contact with former University of Alabama offensive lineman Andre Smith. “The next step would be one of two things, the review would not show us compelling evidence to investigate or it would, and we would act accordingly,” Bence said. “We don’t take these matters lightly and we intend to give them a thorough review.” The Alabama Uniform Athlete Agents Act requires sports agents to register in Alabama and prohibits certain contacts with athletes such as giving athletes money before a contract is signed. It also requires sports agents to notify university officials if a contract has been made with an athlete.


4 Responses to “Attorney general reviewing Andre Smith situation”

  • You know that law was passed to protect Alabama.

  • Well, lets see…. where to start? Up until 2001, and the passage of the Alabama Uniform Athele Agents Act, the Alabama law regulatinig sports agents was basically non-existent, and to the extent that it did exist it was convoluted and appeared in random places spread throughout the Alabama Code. After the NCAA intitiated its investigation of Alabama in 2000, the state Congress decided, for some mysterious reason, that the entire law relative to sports agents needed to be immediately overhauled and hence the omnibus legislation called the Alabama Uniform Athele Agents Act. Now if the timing is not enought to tip off the acts true intent, please bare in mind that the University of Alabama system has 3 member on the Alabama Agents commission while AU has only 1. Of course, this legislation helps protect Auburn players too, so its not all bad.

  • that is interesting…thanks for the info…

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