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Your season was a failure bammers…yeah, you did beat the worst Auburn team on the plains in years, congrats. But you had the chance to play for the national title and choked! Then you got beat down by a Mountain West Team. This is a Utah team full of players the even the Sabanator himself wouldn’t have recruited. HA HA HA. Now here are 5 reasons why its going to get even uglier in T-town:

1. Saban can’t retain quality coaches – Steele to Clemson shows just how horrible it is to work for him. The coaches can’t grow their name with an “all Nick, all the time” media gag order.
2. Graduations. You got a preview of how the Turds will be vulnerable last night. Yes, they’ll sign $$$ a good class, but they won’t be playing with an Oline that’s close to the one that ran them to 12-0 without SJPW having to win a game on his own.
3. NCAA trouble. Dealings with an agent? Your done bama. With the season over now, the Turds will have the sheriff arrive in West Vance within 45 days.
4. AU’s on the UP. Fresh, better SEC coaching competition at AU. Chizik is hiring hard core recruiters who can also coach. Auburn will be running the most innovative, creative, most fun to watch offense while putting on the field the toughest defense seen in years under Chizik.
5. Saban will run off to Dallas to coach the cowboys once Jerry Jones signs that check.


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