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Is Auburn ready to commit to the no-huddle?

Speed. Tempo. Fast-paced. The title of the book Malzahn wrote describing his offense says it all: “Hurry Up No Huddle – An Offensive Philosophy.” It is a philosophy that, as Malzahn moves to become offensive coordinator at Auburn beginning Wednesday, Tulsa head coach Todd Graham says everyone at the school has to believe in. “Everybody in our building – our strength coach is no-huddle,” Graham said. “Our secretaries are (committed) to no-huddle. You can’t be a no-huddle offense without being a no-huddle defense. … We’re a no-huddle team. You have to be committed to it to make this work. “Fundamentally, you can say the no-huddle sounds good. But if you don’t believe in it – when we got here, we had the No.1 defense in Conference USA. We went from 21st in the nation to 103rd with the same players. Most guys would see that and say, `the no-huddle has got to go.’ Your defensive stats are going to go down. “But we’ve moved from 103rd to 84th (in defense) and we’ll continue to move up because now we’re in condition to be able to run the no-huddle as a football team.”


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