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5 Star RB & tide commit Trent Richardson

per Trent…

“Yeah, I’m still committed to Alabama. But some of their fans are starting to push me away. They call me all the time, send me flowers, show up to my high school games and track meets, and are just generally coming across as overly desperate. You know; a guy likes to have the door held for him and stuff like that, but they want me to do weird stuff like calling them when I get home to ‘make sure I made it in alright’ and always dissecting everything I say to my other friends in order to find hidden meanings. I know they mean well and they really are nice guys, but they are just trying to move this relationship along too fast. We should be in the early stages of getting to know each other, but they are really pressuring me to make a commitment to them before I technically can. My mistake was letting them force me into saying some things I may not have meant early on. Now that I want to play the field and see what else might be out there, they’re acting as if I’m leading them on…which is not my intention. I really like Alabama and would love to spend my college career there, but the desperation is making me uneasy.”


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