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Only Time I Will Ever Agree With Spurrier…

“I honestly don’t think king Nick will ever leave Bama. They are the perfect match. A guy with no conscience and no ethics, worshiped by a fan base too stupid to value either.”

5 Responses to “Only Time I Will Ever Agree With Spurrier…”

  • Is there an article about this? What is the quote from?

  • no kidding. I will believe this inane quote only with a link to the article from which you pulled it.

  • Inane – Wow…

    Does any Auburn fan really need a link to laugh at something that talks mean about the devil…

    TX and Car… I pulled it from a board.. felt like we all could use a laugh..

    Sorry if I lost your trust.. Honestly I was just bored at work…

    Love Mikey

  • “lost your trust”-wow. Bit heavy handed/sensitive/sarcastic when all we asked for was a link. BTW, the most enjoyable quotes that make us laugh at the devil would indeed be the ones rooted in truth. Like the site and I don’t hit it to quench my need for journalistic integrity.

  • Sounds good! Didn’t mean for my second comment to be so harsh..


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