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Daily Archive for February 22nd, 2009

History will not repeat itself – RE: Tony Franklin

At Oklahoma State, running backs coach Curtis Luper and wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor were just a stone’s throw away from Tulsa and Gus Malzahn’s high-octane offense.

“I was stealing his offense anyway when I was at Oklahoma State,” Taylor said. “Now I don’t have to steal it.”

But he still has to learn it.

Auburn’s coaches have been extending their work hours into the late nights and weekends to learn Malzahn’s quick-hitting, constant-motion offense.

“For us, it’s seven days a week,” Luper said. “Since our families aren’t here, we can kind of do that.”

During Tony Franklin’s brief tenure, a lack of unity among coaches in installing his pass-happy spread attack was apparent, as confusion cropped up game after game before Franklin was fired.

Taylor said the coaches have rallied around Malzahn’s offense and that he was impressed by the offensive coordinator in first meeting him because he refused to call it “The Gus Malzahn offense.”

“His whole deal was it was going to be our offense together as a group to help win championships,” Taylor said. “That was impressive to me.”

Malzahn will inherit a number of speedy, small receivers recruited specifically to be key cogs in Franklin’s offense. Now, the focus will be on how to fit them into it.

“We’re getting into it intimately and seeing where we can put our existing players and how we can plug them into this system,” Luper said. “Now we know how to recruit for it.”