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Notes from Malzhan interview

2. Gus does not do two-quarterback systems. There will be one quarterback. Period.

3. Mario Fannin would be a prime candidate for the Wildcat role, Malzahn said. He also believes newcomers Dontae Aycock, Emory Blake and Travante Stallworth could be Wildcats.

4. His goal is to run 80 or more plays a game.

5. The offense will be “fast,” Malzahn repeated several times. The assembled media were skeptical, because we’ve heard that before. But Malzahn was adamant.

“You hear a lot about no huddle and a lot about ‘fast,’ but our goal is to play fast. That’s who we are. That’s what we do. We’re not so much a no-huddle, look-to-the-side team. You will see us do that sometimes. That’s not really who we are. I like to think we’re a little bit different than everyone else.”

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