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A recruit’s perspective on Kiffen and Co. ripping off their shirts….

absolutely hilarious. good LORD i am glad we didn’t hire this assclown…


KNOXVILLE – By now you have read all about some of the Tennessee football coaching staff ripping their shirts off in front of potential recruits. It’s a tradition that goes back to Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron’s days at USC and it is supposed to get the players excited.
From most accounts that is exactly what it did.

“Many in the crowd were not sure how to react” said one recruit. Another recruit states the coaches ripped their shirts off in a Superman type fashion while screaming at the players about special teams. One recruit and his parents, who asked to remain anonymous for this article, are saying more than that happened.

“Well, the first thing the coaches did was split the parents and players up. To me, that sent up a red flag, but my wife and I just assumed they were going to show us where they keep that bluetick hound. Coach Kiffin had said I could shoot the Volunteer musket, so I was pretty excited about that” said the recruit’s father.

“Once they were out of the room, one of the coaches ripped his shirt off and started screaming about how they take their special teams serious. I remember laughing and asking another recruit if we were at a Junior Day or if we were in a scene of Full Metal Jacket because the coach sounded just like Sergeant Hartman” the recruit said. “Since we were not sure what to do, we just sat there being quiet and the coaches said that wouldn’t do. They said they would give us one more shot and then left the room. The next thing I know the doors busted open and, like, 4 or 5 half naked men came running into the room screaming and telling us to touch their chests and stomachs. I didn’t want to do it because, well, I don’t like rubbing on men, but the coach kept yelling at me to do it. He said I needed to feel what a real man feels like and that everyone else was doing it, so I did. When I rubbed over his chest he…he kind of moaned a little and then said ‘You like that don’t you? Just like a sweaty hog. I can bench press a Chevette’ and then he ran off to another player. It made me feel really dirty and like I had done something wrong.”

According to the recruit’s parents, their son didn’t do anything wrong, the Tennessee coaches did something wrong.

“I don’t mind them ripping off their shirts. I understand they are trying to get the players excited and that they are trying to rebuild a destroyed program, but when grown men start going around the room half naked and asking players to touch their chests and stomachs, that is crossing a line” said the recruits father. “I’m not sure what constitutes sexual harassment and what doesn’t, but in my opinion, this is a classic case of it. Right now we are looking into filing a complaint, but we have to talk to a lawyer first.”

The University of Tennessee had no comment on this story.

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