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Internet rumors: all signs point to bama implosion

1. NCAA has either already met with or has requested to meet with a coach at Gadsden City High School. His initials are (OS).

2. Three REC members in Gadsden have been accused of paying or providing cars (Dodge Chargers) to players in exchange for them committing to Alabama. One person is a Gadsden lawyer (RM), one is a Gadsden surgeon
(BD) and the third is a Gadsden business man (DC). At least one of these men is said to REALLY be worried about this being made public.

3. There are tapes of at least one car being given to a kid. Research shows that one of the cars was bought and sold four times in a short period of time before is was given to the kid.

4. A private investigator was hired after Harris committed to Alabama last year. This investigator is who is turning the info over to the NCAA.

5. Two of the cars given have been taken away from the kids.

6. The three men mentioned above are accused of funneling the money through the coach mentioned above. This coach also has a new Ford truck.

7. The offensive lineman that switched his commitment to Ole Miss after Fluker committed to Bama is said to have receive $20,000 from these men and then they tried to get it back after he switched his commitment.


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  • The easy way to check the cars is to check tag receipts, titles, etc. If one vehicle changed hands 4 times in a short amount of time, by law and according to all counties’ tag commissioners, they would have had to provided bill of sales, applications for new titles, etc. They would have had to have paid sales tax, etc. Also, if the person who works in the tag office allows this, then he/she would have committed a crime. It takes several weeks or months to get a new title. So if this is true, there is definitely a papertrail left behind.


  • thats interesting…what if they are using tags from other vehicles?

  • You can still follow the tag receipts, etc. They still have to pay sales tax whether its $1 or $500, there is still a receipt somewhere. Everything SHOULD be documented somewhere. But, the operative word here is SHOULD.

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