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More Tiger Prowl 09 video

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Trooper Taylor on the Opening Drive radio show 4/30

“You never see a dog barking at a parked car, they only bark when the car is rolling. When you hear people out there barking about what we are doing, you know we are rolling.” -Trooper Taylor

Pre-Season Top 25


Inside the Tiger Prowl limo

Tiger Prowl 2009

Slap Chop Remix

ha ha ha ha

“They see us rollin’ – they hatin”


New “3D” James Cameron movie to change filmmaking forever


“Only a few weeks ago, Joshua Quittner, a technology writer for Time magazine, fed the frenzy when he reported feeling a strange yearning to return to the movie’s mythical planet, Pandora, the morning after he was shown just 15 minutes of the film. Mr. Cameron, Mr. Quittner wrote, theorized that the movie’s 3-D action had set off actual “memory creation.” Questioned by telephone recently at his home in Mill Valley, Calif., Mr. Quittner said he was still reeling from the experience. “It was like doing some kind of drug,” he said, describing a scene in which the movie’s hero, played by Sam Worthington, ran around “with this kind of hot alien chick,” was attacked by jaguarlike creatures and was sprinkled with sprites that floated down, like snowflakes. “You feel like the little feathery things are landing on your arm,” said Mr. Quittner, who remained eager for another dose. Some fans believe that Mr. Cameron and his colleagues have finally crossed the “uncanny valley.” That is a supposed point at which a viewer’s responsiveness to a simulated human takes a sudden drop into revulsion as the image comes close to reality but strikes the watcher as being zombielike, or not quite right.”


We’re in your state, taking your recruits


Auburn Amputee Ready for MMA