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Daily Archive for April 2nd, 2009

NCAA infractions committee looks to get tough on serious violators

Even in serious cases involving illicit extra benefits, recruiting and other competitive-edge violations, the punishment sometimes don’t measure up to sanctions now in place for teams’ academic deficiencies. Those start with scholarship cuts and escalate to recruiting and practice restrictions and ultimately postseason bans.

The prospective crackdown would subject offenders to:

• The first bans on TV appearances in Division I since 1996. The restriction would extend to “all modes of video transmission,” including video streaming and other internet appearances.

• More scholarship cuts. Now limited to cases involving financial-aid violations, they would become “the norm” in all serious cases.

• Fines, which the committee would assess sparingly but across a wider array of sports. They currently affect only basketball and programs forced to return shares of NCAA tournament revenue.

• More bans on postseason appearances. Among other things, that would become a “presumptive” penalty in cases involving academic fraud and repeat violations.