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Daily Archive for April 12th, 2009

2008 Offense – Burns vs Todd

kodi.jpeg VSmedium_christodd.JPG

These are the numbers against BCS teams only(SEC plus WVU).  The bottom line is how well do they move the ball and put points on the board.  This does not include ones in which they shared drives.

Total Drives
Kodi – 59
Todd – 51

Avg yards per drive
Kodi – 23.44
Todd – 19.55

Points per drive
Todd – 0.8
Kodi – 0.63

Points per drive(including missed fg)
Todd – 0.85 (1 missed)
Kodi – 0.82 (4 missed and missed xp)

Percent of drives netting at least 20 yards
Kodi – 46%
Todd – 41%

Percent of drives netting less than 10 yards
Kodi – 39%
Todd – 51%

Drives of at least 40 yards
Kodi – 24% (14 drives)
Todd – 20% (10 drives)

Longest drives(17 of at least 50 yards 10 for Kodi, 7 for Todd)
84 – Kodi vs UGA
81 – Kodi vs WV
76 – Kodi vs Ark
76 – Kodi vs Ole Miss
74 – Todd vs LSU
69 – Todd vs UT
69 – Todd vs LSU
66 – Kodi vs UGA
64 – Kodi vs Ole Miss
58 – Todd vs MSU
55 – Todd vs LSU
53 – Todd vs Vandy
53 – Todd vs UT
53 – Kodi vs Ole Miss
52 – Kodi vs UGA
52 – Kodi vs WV
50 – Kodi vs Ark

Looking at this information, Kodi did a better job of moving the offense.  He was a lot less likely to have a drive netting less than 10 yards.  Everything else they are relatively close with Kodi faring better in almost all areas.  Todd is slightly better in points per drive, but if you factor in missed field goals, they are both the same.  Again, both looked bad and we need improvement, but if you look at it from this point of view, Kodi moved the ball better than Todd. Right now it sounds like Caudle is separating himself from the pack with Trotter working with the 2′s and Kodi being very inaccurate this spring. Todd will get another shot this summer when his shoulder should be 100% from the surgery this past December. Don’t count out Moseley and Rollison who will stepping onto the plains this summer. May the best man win. War Eagle

Iron Bowl moves to Friday


The Iron Bowl is moving to Friday kickoffs the next two seasons.

That’s the word from Auburn, Alabama and the SEC Office this morning. CBS Sports moved the games to televise them nationally in 2009 and 2010.

This year’s game will be Nov. 27 at 1:30 p.m. in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The 2010 game will be Nov. 26 in Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. It will be the sixth Iron Bowl played on a Friday, according to Auburn.