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Things that make you go hmmmm?

Auburn vetoes game

Efforts to match UCLA in a nationally televised game against Auburn to open the 2010 season fell apart when Auburn officials decided against the matchup, which was to be played in the Georgia Dome.

ABC was attempting to broker a deal for the game, which would have replaced one against Kansas State on the Bruins’ schedule.

UCLA was offered a game against Georgia Tech instead but declined.


2 Responses to “Things that make you go hmmmm?”

  • First of all, who wants to play them in the GA dome anyways? This isnt a bowl game. Second, we offered to play them in 2012 but that wasnt good enough. I’m not against the decision to not play them next year.

  • seven reasons to take the game….La Monroe, Citadel, Ball St, Buffalo, Ark St, N Mex St, and Tenn Martin…

    but seriously…i understand why they couldnt do…they said for 1 that our schedule is full…but 2 and more importantly, that if they took the game that it would take away one of our 8 home games. F that. I dont care who the team is, its worth to much to the city/fans/players/economy of Auburn to take away a home game.

    Hopefully we can get a great opponent for 2012!


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