The bammer media can’t stand it…

bama is getting out worked, out recruited, and out classed in the state of Alabama and they know it! Listen to the comment at the┬áVERY end of this tiger prowl coverage by ABC 33/40′s Mike Raita in B’ham … priceless … suck it bama you didnt think of it first!

2 Responses to “The bammer media can’t stand it…”

  • “They better not pick a school based on a limo” – Mike Raita

    “They better not pick a school based on impending sanctions” – me

  • The Bammer media completely misses or ignores the point….its not about a damn limo….its about 7 coaches visiting a school at the same time…what do they want them to ride in? A school bus? I mean these aren’t small guys…the limo is the most viable option.

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