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Kiffin twitter’s recruits name, more drama for TN

If you haven’t heard by now, Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin is back in the news.

One of his assistants in the football office went on Kiffin’s Twitter page on Tuesday and mentioned a recruit by name that had just committed to the Vols. That’s obviously against NCAA rules, and Tennessee plans to self-report the violation to the NCAA, according to athletic director Mike Hamilton.

This particular infraction sounds pretty innocent, even though the secondary violations are starting to mount on Kiffin’s watch, but it raises a few bigger picture questions:

  • What all is the NCAA going to allow in terms of the information coaches put on their Facebook and Twitter pages?
  • Who’s actually putting this stuff up, and what checks and balances are being used to make sure nothing goes up that’s damaging in any way?
  • Shouldn’t the head coach be aware of everything that’s going up if it’s being presented as his page?
  • Will it get to the point where coaches start breaking news about their program on their Facebook and Twitter pages? 


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