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Profile: Lache Seastruck


Height: 5-10
Weight: 183
Position: RB


Explosiveness/Suddenness – From stance to start, you would be hard pressed to fined another player in the country that gets to full speed quicker than him. When he sticks his foot into the ground, he explodes through the hole, into cuts, and away from defenders. He is a quick twitch runner.

Elusiveness – Seastrunk is bottled lightening. He shows glimpses of Reggie Bush in his running style. His body control and elusiveness are unmatched by any other RB in the country at this stage in their careers. In space, Seastrunk is a jitter bug and would be tacklers are often times left stuck in mud. When you try to take an angle on him, he can stop and cut back on a dime. His ability to change directions at full speed makes him hard to defend. He has elite body control and change of direction.

Speed – Seastrunk has been clocked at sub 4.4 in the forty yard dash. He can get the corner against any high school team in the country, he out runs pursuit angles, and once he gets behind a defense, he runs away from everybody. Not only does he show his speed with the ball in his hands, he creates match up problems in the passing game. He is too fast for LBs to run with so a D-Coordinator will have to play with an extra DB if Lache decides to play in a spread offense. His elite speed can change a defensive scheme.

Hands – Seastrunk has solid hands catching the football out of the backfield. At the USAAB, Seastrunk dominated one on ones by beating LBs with solid routes and then catching everything throw in his vacintity. Shows soft hands and great concentration.


Does not know when a play is dead – He fights for yards when he should just get what he can get and play the next snap. Often times he gives ground and loses yards trying to make something out of nothing. It shows that he is a playmaker and an obvious home run threat every time he touches the football. However, if does it at the college level he will put the team in a second and long or third and long situation and that is how you lose football games.

Tackle Breaking Ability – Seastrunk is a good sized back but he is more finesse than power. He gets tackled by a single defender too much. He’d rather shake you and run away from you than run through you.


Seastrunk is a rare talent. The type of talent that comes around every five to ten years. His combination of speed, explosiveness, vision, and elusiveness make his a home run threat every time he touches the

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